Friday, September 2, 2011

Risk vs Reward

I sit here in a very ummm porcelainated position thinking on my life in general. While it hasn't been a bad one, there are without doubt many things in it that have kept it cloudier than usual.

It's in a precarious kind of hindsight that I look at things now: mistakes/errors glean a sense of foreboding which sucks. I definitely am grateful to be alive and healthy, but tomorrow is truly promised to no one.

I was speaking with someone yesterday and our topic was on dealing with crappy, evil, meanspirited folks. There have been several folks of late who've ticked me off past my threshold but at the same time, I don't think I can not be forgiving of that person. This someone I'd spoken with felt that even if the subject of their ire died, they wouldn't be missed.

I was shocked. Having lost several close family members too, Death is the great Equalizer that nullifies all o our petty squabbles. Im amazed & horrified someone could feel that way in a society so addicted to Death.

Water your friendships folks. Prune, keep & tend to then well.

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